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Iuvì, the smart water bottle that purifies water with UV-C rays in just 180 seconds. The touch display cap allows you to monitor water temperature and activate the drinking reminder with a touch. Hold down the display for 5 seconds to activate the UV-C light timer. A colorful ring indicates various functions and adds a touch of design. During the timer, do not unscrew the cap to avoid interrupting the procedure and to avoid the UV-C light being harmful to health. The bottle comes with a convenient neoprene bag that serves as a thermal protection and a clip with an easy release for situations where you can only use one hand. 

Geizeer is a tiny wooden cooler shaped like a perforated cube with metal finishes. It works with a customized ice-pack inside, previously frozen. Geizeer acts as a perfume diffuser for several environments, with a 360° airflow perceptible up to a distance of 1.20 m. It’s totally eco-friendly and Made in Italy. 

Levia is a marble top levitating led lamp, designed and made in Italy, with anti-fall system and energy efficiency. It works via electromagnetic induction and magnetic levitation. The light bulb has not internal batteries and it’s warm light. Its design, with the highest quality materials, makes Levia one of a kind. Give your home a touch of magic design: you’ll be amazed!

FENZ is a modern and stylish table lamp designed to bring a unique aesthetic to any room. Made of quality ABS resin, FENZ is sure to be the centerpiece of any living space. With its brightness and sleek design!

The UTTI lamp is a 3D work of art with a unique and sophisticated design. Made with 4.0 artisanal technology, each lamp is printed with a resin printer and finished by hand to provide a touch of elegance and refinement. The fabric cord with combinations of sought-after colors creates a contrast within the base, making the lamp perfect for those who love minimal design with unique shapes. Choose from various available designs and light up your home in style with the UTTI lamp.

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