A 3D Artist Constructs the Ideal Workflow Keyboard

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3D artist and motion designer Ben Fryc is revolutionizing his workflow with a new keyboard design called The Knob / k•no•b•1. As a digital creative, Fryc understands the value of time when it comes to completing projects. With this in mind, he has crafted a keyboard that aims to shave precious minutes off his work process.

The Knob / k•no•b•1 takes inspiration from the Apple Magic Keyboard but adds a unique twist. The keyboard, although slightly bulkier, caters to mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who appreciate the audible and tactile characteristics of specialty keyboards.

This low-profile mechanical keyboard boasts 78 custom-designed keycaps and Gateron low-profile mechanical switches, providing a comfortable typing experience. It may not be as thin as an Apple Magic Keyboard, but its aluminum unibody enclosure design gives it a sleek appearance reminiscent of Apple’s popular peripheral.

What sets The Knob / k•no•b•1 apart is its 100×310 pixel customizable LCD screen, which mimics the MacBook Touch Bar. While the screen is too small for gaming, it can be used for functions such as adjusting volume or brightness, displaying notifications, or telling the time.

Located above the LCD screen, the keyboard features two customizable rotary encoder knobs. These knobs are versatile and can be used for tasks like controlling volume or brightness with incremental precision.

Fryc has also considered ergonomics, ensuring that the keyboard is angled for improved comfort during typing. This is achieved through the inclusion of two snap-on feet underneath the keyboard.

To stay updated on the development of The Knob / k•no•b•1, you can follow Ben Fryc on Instagram or visit the Knob website. Fryc plans to share regular updates as he transforms the concept into a tangible product. With this innovative keyboard design, Fryc aims to optimize his workflow and offer a solution that benefits digital creatives and professionals in various industries.

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