“A Whimsical Window Display Blending the Mundane and Surreal Marks Hermès Zurich”

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Charitini Gkritzali, in collaboration with ECAL and Hermès, has unveiled an enchanting window display titled “The Astonishing Moment of Life” at the Hermès store in Zurich, Switzerland. Inspired by the Surrealist movement, Gkritzali’s whimsical installation captures the essence of Hermès’ 2023 annual theme, Astonishment, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

The concept behind the display revolves around finding magic and wonder in everyday actions, such as eating, dressing, and playing. Gkritzali, together with ECAL, explored these ordinary acts and transformed them into extraordinary works of art. The window displays feature geometric forms and iconic Hermès accessories, meticulously choreographed to create a mesmerizing narrative.

To bring her vision to life, Gkritzali employed a variety of materials and finishes, including papier-mâché, plaster, lacquered wood, natural wood, painted metal, and felt. These materials were meticulously assembled to create intricate totem-like creatures, each with its own unique structure and charm. The attention to detail and handcrafted nature of the pieces exemplify the craftsmanship that Hermès is renowned for.

The collaboration between Charitini Gkritzali, ECAL, and Hermès has resulted in a stunning visual display that captivates viewers and invites them into a world of astonishment. The window displays, with their vibrant colors and collage of textures, transport passersby to a realm where the mundane becomes extraordinary.

“The Astonishing Moment of Life” is a testament to the power of art and design in transforming the everyday into something magical. This collaboration showcases the creativity and innovation that can arise when talented individuals and prestigious brands come together to create something truly exceptional.

The window displays in Zurich are a testament to Hermès’ commitment to artistic expression and its dedication to providing unique and awe-inspiring experiences for its customers. This collaboration with Charitini Gkritzali and ECAL is a clear example of Hermès’ continued efforts to push boundaries and redefine the concept of luxury.

“The Astonishing Moment of Life” window display is a must-see for art and design enthusiasts visiting Zurich. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and showcases the boundless possibilities that can arise when creativity and craftsmanship merge. Hermès continues to be a frontrunner in the world of luxury, and this latest collaboration is further evidence of its commitment to innovation and artistic excellence.

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