Astro Lighting showcases five lighting designs on Dezeen Showroom

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Astro Lighting, a renowned British lighting brand, has unveiled its latest collection on Dezeen Showroom. The collection features lamps inspired by the iconic modernist architecture of the mid-20th century.

One highlight of the collection is the Venn lights, which exude the elegance of curved forms and the use of metal commonly found in mid-century buildings. Available in three formats – wall-mounted, floor, and table lamps – the Venn lights offer versatility and functionality. The wall-mounted variation even comes with the option of single or double reading lights attached beneath the shade.

All versions of the Venn lights boast an oval-shaped, off-white shade, while the bases and fixtures are available in various matte metallic finishes. This combination of minimalistic design and high-quality materials ensures that these lamps seamlessly blend into any interior decor.

Another notable addition to the collection is the Ako lamp. Designed exclusively for wall-mounted purposes, the Ako lamp radiates a soft glow, providing gentle lighting in hallways. Its narrow and faceted body features openings at the top and bottom, allowing the light to escape and create a mesmerizing ambiance.

For those seeking a ceiling-hung lighting solution, the Nara pendant offers a sophisticated choice. The linear hanging fixture leads to a glass shade, adding a touch of elegance to any space. With five shade styles and two glass colors to choose from, including a ribbed grey glass profile and a translucent white finish, the Nara pendant offers versatility and customization.

The Baton lamp stands out in the collection for its unique design, combining task lighting and ambient lighting. Inspired by the intersection of a diagonal line and a straight line, this lamp features a sleek silhouette. Available in matte black and matte nickel finishes, the Baton lamp’s task light arm is adjustable, allowing users to alter the angle of the light for optimal reading conditions.

Astro Lighting, founded in 1997 by designers John Fearon and James Bassant, aims to create timeless lamps and lighting solutions that can complement a variety of interiors. Their carefully crafted designs and attention to detail have made them a go-to choice for lighting enthusiasts and interior designers alike.

Dezeen Showroom provides an excellent platform for brands to showcase their products and designers to a global audience. This partnership between Astro Lighting and Dezeen offers an affordable space for brands to unveil their latest creations and gain exposure to a wide range of design enthusiasts.

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