Augusto Pace

Fractional CTO | Teach Lead and Bootstrapper

Tech-passionate and “hacker at heart.” Video game lover and maker.

I define myself as a “Software Craftsman” because I want to be involved from the idea to the deployment at all levels of the stack.

With ~15 years of experience in software design and development (primarily as a CTO), I have developed strong technical and team leadership skills.

I am eager to learn about (or even to contribute to) new technologies and methodologies in software development. I am a lover and practitioner of Agile and DevSecOps methodologies. I am a strong advocate and supporter of security and its integration into all phases of the SDLC.

As a “good hacker,” problem-solving is one of my main focuses.
My goal is to become a true game-changer

Professional Credentials

Fractional CTO

  • Development of Customized Technology Strategies Aligned with Business Objectives.


  • Guidance and mentorship for your technical teams to achieve optimal performance. Support in the selection and training of the technical team.


  • Development and launch of technological projects or products based on limited resources, cost efficiency, and sustainability to achieve goals.


  • Facilitation of discussions and communication with stakeholders and investors on all technology and product-related matters.


  • Cybersecurity services to protect company data and critical resources.


  • Implementation of DevSecOps practices to integrate security from the beginning of software development.