“Bamboo Slats Embrace Godai Pavilion in Spain with a Gradient Pattern”

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Baldó Arquitectura has recently completed the stunning GODAI Pavilion in the rural landscape of Cantabria, Spain. The pavilion serves as a pool house, extending the existing home’s pool area and creating a unique roofed open structure for guests. This architectural gem embraces diverse styles while emphasizing the importance of natural materials in the local climate.

Inspired by Japanese culture, the GODAI Pavilion seamlessly integrates into its surroundings. The standout feature is the large roof, which connects different spaces and establishes a harmonious link between the existing house and the new structure. The design is based on the concept of ‘GODAI’, representing the five elements in Japanese philosophy: earth, water, fire, wind, and emptiness.

Bamboo takes center stage in the construction of the pavilion, adding a touch of elegance and sustainability. The exterior boasts dark and robust black bamboo, while the interior showcases bright and warm natural bamboo. The facade exhibits a unique degradation effect, achieved through bamboo slats following the Fibonacci sequence. Inside, the spaces resemble traditional Japanese-style rooms, with bamboo coverings on the walls, floors, and ceilings.

Sustainability is a key focus in the design. Passive systems such as a large roof provide solar and rain protection, while vertical slats ensure privacy and cross ventilation. Additionally, the use of natural insulation materials such as cork and mineral rock wool, along with recycled materials like OSB boards, further enhance the pavilion’s eco-friendly features. Baldó Arquitectura’s design team has successfully achieved architectural elegance while prioritizing sustainable practices and the use of natural building materials.

The GODAI Pavilion aims to create a dialogue between different architectural typologies, forming a space that encompasses the pool. The pool serves as a central element and a connection between the existing home and the new pavilion. This architectural masterpiece not only enhances the pool area but also adds a touch of sophistication to the surrounding landscape.

For more information and images of the GODAI Pavilion, please visit Baldó Arquitectura’s website.

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