Bill Nye discusses infrastructure at Emerson Collective climate fair in NYC

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Booths showcasing a hybrid-electric aircraft and various innovative projects were featured at the Climate Science Fair held on New York’s High Line. The fair, which lasted four days, included talks by well-known scientists like Bill Nye and exhibited over twenty groups, each presenting unique solutions to climate-related problems.

The fair, named The Climate Science Fair, took place along The Diller-von Furstenberg Sundeck, with additional programming in the 10th Avenue Square and Overlook amphitheatre and the Chelsea Market Passage. Notable speakers at the event included Marquise Stillwell, co-founder of Deem Journal, and Sara Zewde, founder of Studio Zewde. Bill Nye delivered the keynote speech at the 10th Avenue Square and Overlook amphitheatre.

In response to a question about battling climate change, Nye emphasized the importance of distributing electricity efficiently. He highlighted the current availability of wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric technologies for generating electricity but stressed the need for improved distribution systems. Nye mentioned Australia’s utilization of solar water hot tanks and the potential of localized geothermal energy in achieving this goal.

The Climate Science Fair was organized by Emerson Collective, a grantmaking enterprise founded by Laurene Powell Jobs. The fair aimed to ignite optimism and meaningful discussions about climate change’s future impact on communities. Jobs emphasized the importance of embracing climate optimism while acknowledging the challenges ahead.

Several exhibitors showcased their innovative solutions at the fair. Ampaire, a California-based aircraft manufacturer, presented its hybrid-electric aircraft models, aiming to replace traditional aircraft engines with battery-powered electric motor systems. Twelve, a technology company, exhibited its carbon transformation technology that converts CO2 from the air into useful chemicals, products, and fuels. The team behind Twelve believes their technology could reduce global fossil fuel emissions by up to 10%.

Other exhibitors included Evernu, which focuses on converting textile waste into regenerative fibers, and Rheaply, a Chicago-based start-up that provides an online marketplace for urban businesses to sell surplus items, such as construction materials.

The Climate Science Fair coincided with Climate Week NYC, a week-long series of climate-focused events and activities held in New York City. This event, along with other recent climate-focused fairs and installations, demonstrates the increasing attention given to sustainable solutions and technologies.

The Climate Science Fair, held from September 20th to September 23rd, 2024, attracted a diverse range of exhibitors and speakers, contributing to the ongoing conversation about climate change and the development of innovative solutions.

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