BOUD Dominates the Market in a Frequently Neglected Sector

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Mosery: Redefining the Purpose of Corner Spaces

Korean design studio BOUD is revolutionizing the way we perceive corner spaces. Often overlooked or neglected, these linear liminal areas are typically left void of use or decoration. However, BOUD saw them as an untapped design opportunity and created the mosery collection, a series of objects designed to bring purpose to corners using magnetic attachments.

The first object in the collection, named “time,” is a minimalist analog clock that perfectly fits into corners. It emphasizes the significance of time by placing the clock in marginalized spaces, symbolically drawing attention to the intersection of past, present, and future.

BOUD’s interest in corner spaces stems from their belief that these areas, which are frequently ignored by people, hold immense potential. To further enhance the collection’s representation of time and space, the studio also created a small paper calendar, an incense holder, and a small cross. Each object’s form and function aim to convey the passage of time and the significance of the present moment. The small paper calendar, for example, decreases in size as sheets are removed day after day.

One of the standout pieces in the collection is the incense holder. Designed to fit snugly into corners using a magnetic cradle, it allows users to experience the peaceful passing of time through the slow dissipation of the incense smoke.

BOUD, founded in 2017 by designer Sungho Park and brand director Jiyeon Ma, has established collaborations with prominent corporations such as Samsonite, Samsung, Cheil Worldwide, Hanwha Group, Qcells, and Oppo. The multidisciplinary design studio comprises a team of eight talented individuals.

Excitingly, BOUD plans to expand beyond the initial capsule collection. In the pipeline are lighting options, small accessories, and even pieces of furniture that will bring serenity and purpose to every corner of a room. With their innovative approach to corner spaces, BOUD is changing the way we view and utilize these typically overlooked areas.

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