Carbon removal represents “this generation’s moon landing” says Liam Young.

You are currently viewing Carbon removal represents “this generation’s moon landing” says Liam Young.

Architect and filmmaker Liam Young has recently unveiled his latest exhibition, Planetary Redesign, which explores innovatives solutions for combating climate change. In an exclusive video for Dezeen, Young discusses his role as a designer and filmmaker in visualizing scientific concepts and telling stories about the global, urban, and architectural implications of new technologies.

The exhibition consists of two films: The Great Endeavor and Planet City, each offering speculative solutions for climate change. The Great Endeavor envisions a future where individuals construct large-scale wind farms in the ocean and solar farms in the desert to effectively reduce carbon emissions. Young describes this project as the “design and creation of a planetary network of carbon removal machines,” which he believes to be analogous to a moon landing for our generation.

Planet City, on the other hand, imagines a city that could accommodate the entire global population by 2050. Young proposes that this city would be enclosed by a sprawling “global-scale national park,” emphasizing the importance of the natural environment even in densely populated areas.

Both films are currently on display as part of the Planetary Redesign exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). In an interview with Dezeen’s China editor Christina Yao, Young expresses his concerns and apprehension about the ongoing climate crisis.

Visitors can experience Liam Young: Planetary Redesign until February 11, 2024, at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia at Fed Square in Melbourne. For more information on upcoming architecture and design events worldwide, check out the Dezeen Events Guide.

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