Casa Los Tigres: A Minimalist Residence in Mexico

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Casa Los Tigres, a stunning beach house located on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, has been designed by César Béjar Studio and Fernando Sánchez Zepeda. Situated in Nuevo Vallarta, in the Nayarit province, this collaborative project spans a total of 465 square metres.

The house is structured around a central courtyard, with two separate volumes flanking its sides. The front portion of the residence, facing north, is characterized by its closed-off design. In contrast, the southern volume, offering more privacy, is much more open and transparent.

The architects described the changing language of the four facades of the building, “from the most closed and traditional on the street, to the most open and freely designed in the background.”

The street-facing portion of the house features a sloped tiled roof and small windows at ground level. Once inside, the double-height volume reveals an open-plan kitchen, dining, and living room. The lower walls are adorned with dark wood paneling, while the upper walls and angled ceiling are covered in textured beige plasterwork. Stone slabs on the floor match the color of the plaster, which is also applied to the exterior walls. The glass panels facing the courtyard fully retract, seamlessly connecting the living area to the central outdoor space.

Adjacent to the courtyard is a tropical plant bed and a single-story enclosure housing a laundry room and a bathroom. To access the rear of the house, residents must use a covered walkway located on the opposite side of the plot. The second volume in the southern part of the residence features a breezeway that leads to a rear terrace, furnished as an open living room with low seating and tables for casual lounging.

According to the architects, the ground floor’s permeability blurs the line between interior and exterior, creating a vast terrace-like experience within the house. A central staircase divides the second volume, with a ground floor bedroom and two additional bedrooms located upstairs. These rooms are decorated with dark wood paneling, stone flooring, and carefully selected decor accessories, akin to the main social space.

In contrast to the street-facing elevation, the longer facades of the southern volume feature rows of rounded columns framing large glass panes. The architects described the design choice as simulating “elements washed by the sea,” emphasizing the beach house’s plasticity.

The rear garden features lush tropical plants, a swimming pool, loungers, and a hammock, contributing to the minimalist yet laid-back atmosphere of the home. The architectural and interior design are elevated by a cohesive material and color palette throughout both indoor and outdoor spaces, with careful attention to detailing.

Both César Béjar and Fernando Sánchez Zepeda are renowned photographers in Mexico. Béjar has captured residential architecture projects for various studios across the country, while Sánchez Zepeda specializes in portrait and lifestyle photography through his studio Ansatz.

The photography for Casa Los Tigres is credited to César Béjar Studio. The project was built by José Daniel Segura Pimienta.

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