Conviviality – The Art of Living Together in Brompton Design District

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Brompton Design District, the original and oldest design district of the London Design Festival, continues to showcase innovative design concepts. This year’s theme, “Conviviality – The Art of Living Together,” explores how design can foster positive relationships between people, their spaces, and the world at large.

One notable project is “Fels presents The Farm Shop,” curated by Marco Campardo, Guan Lee, and Luca Lo Pinto. The project brings together 22 artists, designers, and architects to create a playful experience inspired by Grymsdyke Farm. This immersive space uses food to explore the concept of conviviality and features site-specific dining homeware.

Cromwell Place serves as the hub for the district, offering 14 gallery spaces across five Grade II listed townhouses. Gallery 6 showcases graduates from the MA Design Products course at the Royal College of Art. Shivangi Gupta’s exhibition, “Second Nature: Vessels of Habitation, Livelihood, and Politics,” investigates the relationships between craft, technology, and design.

Another captivating exhibition is “Contained 2.0” by Kamea Devons, which repurposes Coca-Cola glass bottles into shapes inspired by historical glass-blowing artist Ennion. This exhibition explores the interconnected nature of globalization, design, technology, the economy, and society.

The New Craftsmen returns to its pop-up roots, curated by Sarah Myerscough and Kathy Lacour. Their British craft showcase, “Join, Assemble, Hold,” features crafted pieces that evoke conviviality and togetherness. The exhibition highlights the endangered basketry techniques and showcases the work of Forest & Found, Max Bainbridge.

Artist Rio Kobayashi’s solo show, “One Hand Washes The Other,” emphasizes collaboration and conviviality. The exhibition serves as a living room where visitors can enjoy design objects and the company of designers. Kobayashi’s work reflects his international journey and his belief in creating a life of quality and happiness.

All in Awe presents “All Together,” an on-street installation that supports a mental health charity and volunteer center in Kensington & Chelsea. This installation reflects on the topic of loneliness, which affects people from all walks of life.

“Powershift,” curated by POor Collective, celebrates the collective power of emerging artists, designers, and architects to create change. Shanince Palmer’s visual sculpture, “United Ties,” showcases the unity that can be achieved through collective expression.

Designer Giles Nartey’s daybed, “Interplay,” serves as a board for playing the West African game of Oware. This research project explores the incorporation of African craft cultures into objects and rituals.

Japan House presents “WAVE: Currents in Japanese Graphic Arts,” curated by Hiro Sugiyama and Takahashi Kintarō. The exhibition introduces the work of 60 significant Japanese graphic artists to the UK, challenging our perspectives of beauty and aesthetics.

Brompton Design District continues to push boundaries and showcase the power of design to foster conviviality and positive relationships in our society.

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