Curving Tabletops Sit on a Monolithic, Leaf-shaped Base for Miniforms’ Monoplauto Table

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Contemporary Italian furniture brand Miniforms has unveiled its latest design, Monoplauto, a bold departure from its predecessor, Plauto. Designed by Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti, Monoplauto features a new, robust table design that melds its dual legs into a monolithic, leaf-shaped structure.

The Monoplauto table comes in three different tabletop shapes: round, oval, and an organic form reminiscent of skilled artisan hands. This design evolution allows for seamless integration into a variety of environments, including domestic settings, office spaces, and contract proposals.

The Monoplauto MAXXXI version of the table features two legs instead of one and offers four different sizes, with the tabletop reaching up to 6 meters in length. This transformation of the refined traits of Plauto creates a more vigorous and expressive table design while maintaining the grace of its original design line.

The Monoplauto collection is available in a full wood finish, enhancing the majestic shapes of the table. The use of wood also allows for various combinations of materials and sizes for the tabletop, including natural wood or paired with ceramics. This expansive range caters to individuals with precise requirements, offering a plethora of choices for discerning tastes.

The Monoplauto table collection also includes variations such as rounded black tables with upholstered chairs, flamed oak organic tables with Brulla chairs, and organic tables with Ceppo di Gré. Each variation offers a unique aesthetic appeal, further showcasing the versatility of the Monoplauto design.

Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti have created a captivating and versatile table design with Monoplauto. Its bold departure from its predecessor, Plauto, showcases their ability to push the boundaries of design while maintaining a sense of grace and elegance. The Monoplauto collection is sure to make a statement in any space it occupies.

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