Davide di gesualdo


Davide Di Gesualdo is an expert Software Engineer with a long experience in the sector. With solid knowledge of firmware design and development, he is able to create software solutions for embedded systems using different technologies such as bare metal, FreeRTOS and embedded Linux. His ability to port to ARM, RISC-V and MIPS architectures allows him to create software solutions optimized for different hardware platforms. His expertise in blackbox and whitebox testing allows him to ensure that products are tested and working before delivery. It can also create firmware documentation to ensure products are easy to understand and use. His ability to build test benches allows him to test products efficiently and accurately. Finally, he is also expert in designing and developing IoT-oriented web applications to create integrated software solutions for IoT systems.

Professional Credentials


  • Firmware design and development (bare metal, FreeRTOS, embedded Linux)

  • Porting to ARM, RISC-V, MIPS architectures

  • Blackbox and whitebox testing

  • Drafting firmware documentation

  • Realization of test benches

  • IoT-oriented web application design and development