Eight kitchen islands with sleek waterfall edges

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In our latest lookbook, we are showcasing eight contemporary kitchens that feature islands with waterfall countertops made from concrete, stone, and chunky terrazzo. The waterfall edge, also known as a mitred end, creates a seamless flow from the countertop to the ground, adding a sleek and modern touch to these kitchens.

Marble and concrete are the materials of choice for creating these sculptural and monolithic centrepieces. The use of these materials adds a sense of timelessness and elegance to the overall design.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the kitchens featured in this lookbook:

1. Botaniczna Apartment, Poland, by Agnieszka Owsiany Studio
Travertine stone is draped over oak cupboards to create the kitchen island in this apartment. The warm tones of the stone are accentuated by the wooden elements, creating a soothing and timeless design.

2. Sunderland Road, UK, by 2LG Studio
A sky-blue backdrop complements the bold white marble waterfall countertop in this kitchen. The countertop extends over the wood-clad island and incorporates a cooking hob. Pink bar stools and a Cherry Pendant light add a pop of color to the space.

3. Lake Geneva Residence, USA, by Collective Office
The mitred end of the concrete kitchen island contrasts with its wood-lined surroundings, creating a visually striking centrepiece. Matching concrete countertops on the adjacent cabinets complete the cohesive design.

4. Montauk House, USA, by Desciencelab
A black countertop stands out against the wooden cupboards in this gabled house kitchen. It helps define the food preparation area within the open-plan space, which also includes the dining and living areas.

5. Paseo Mallorca 15 Apartments, Spain, by OHLAB
A clean-cut stone island adds a minimalist aesthetic to this apartment’s kitchen in Mallorca. The material palette of rough plaster, dark wood, and rustic fittings reflects the Mediterranean setting.

6. Family Home Zwaag, Netherlands, by DAB Studio
Striking Arebescato Orobico marble is used to create the sculptural waterfall countertops in this kitchen. The warm tones of the surrounding wood joinery and oak ceilings and floors enhance the earthy brown and grey tones of the marble.

7. Glyn House, UK, by Yellow Cloud Studio
Terrazzo countertops with oversized colorful aggregates create a statement piece in this London kitchen. The terrazzo finish conceals black-painted drawers and adds a raw and handmade touch to the interior.

8. Loma Residence, Mexico, by Esrawe Studio
The monolithic kitchen island in this remodeled Mexican apartment features curved sides and mitred ends. The striking green-toned granite stands out against the neutral surroundings, adding a touch of vibrancy to the space.

These contemporary kitchens with their waterfall countertops showcase the beauty of materials like marble, concrete, stone, and terrazzo. The seamless flow and sculptural designs create focal points in these sleek and modern spaces. For more inspiration, check out our previous lookbooks featuring striking art pieces, colorful bedrooms, and living rooms with cowhide rugs.

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