Eight living rooms enhanced by decorative and striking art pieces.

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Introducing our latest lookbook, showcasing eight serene living rooms that have been elevated by carefully selected artworks. These art-filled spaces prove that paintings, sculptures, and other creative pieces can add a personal touch to any interior.

In some of these living rooms, art takes center stage, while others feature just one or two signature pieces to create an atmosphere of artistic inspiration. No matter the approach, strategically placed artworks can enhance the overall aesthetic and provide a unique and personal feel to a home.

Our lookbooks series continues to offer visual inspiration from Dezeen’s extensive archive. Previous editions have featured living rooms with cowhide rugs, monochrome interiors, and basement apartments. Now, let’s dive into the captivating art-filled living rooms that we have curated for you.

Amagansett House, US, by Athena Calderone

Located in Long Island, New York, this mid-century home has undergone a remarkable renovation carried out by owner and designer Athena Calderone. The space is adorned with plaster walls, marble details, and luxurious linen fabric. To inject a sense of creativity, Calderone has carefully selected sculptures and paintings throughout the interior. The living room showcases white artworks with playful textures and shapes, adding intrigue to the pale walls.

Gale Apartment, Brazil, by Memola Estudio

Memola Estudio, a Brazilian design studio, aimed to strike a balance between natural and industrial elements in this apartment in São Paulo, which features a double-height living room. The owners took advantage of the vertical space and created a mesmerizing gallery wall on one side. Artworks also adorn an adjacent mosaic wall, transforming the entire room into a gallery-like setting.

Casa Vasto, Spain, by Mesura

Designed to serve as both an apartment and an art gallery, this Barcelona home, formerly a factory, boasts a beautifully curated living and exhibition space. In the living room, a large abstract painting in blue-and-beige tones takes center stage, resting on a low bookshelf that also displays a sculpture and multiple smaller paintings.

Kew Residence, Australia, by John Wardle Architects

The living room of this Melbourne home, designed by architect John Wardle, features a large contemporary painting in a vibrant green hue. The space is further enhanced by playful side tables supported by mannequins, a sculptural wooden coffee table, and an assortment of small vases and sculptures.

Riverside Tower, Belgium, by Studio Okami Architecten

Nested inside the Riverside Tower in Antwerp, this minimalist apartment celebrates its original concrete structure. The living room juxtaposes the raw material with the contrasting colors of a dark blue wall and a large painting in green and blue hues. Cozy leather sofas and verdant plants add a warm and inviting touch.

Log Cabin, Ukraine, by Balbek Bureau

Drawing inspiration from a log cabin, this contemporary Ukrainian house features striking artworks strategically placed in the open-plan living and dining area. Above the dining table hangs a large painting in a captivating neo-expressionist style, integrating turquoise, white, and pink tones, serving as a focal point amidst the room’s more neutral colors.

Malibu Surf Shack, USA, by Kelly Wearstler

Designer Kelly Wearstler transformed this 1950s beachfront cottage in Malibu into a bohemian retreat for herself and her family. The living room, with its wood-clad walls, is brought to life with tonal artworks that harmonize with the warm paneling. The space is further enriched by tactile timber sculptures and geometric stone tables.

Paris Apartment, France, by Rodolphe Parente

Situated in a Haussmann-era building, this Parisian apartment underwent a stunning makeover by interior designer Rodolphe Parente. The space revolves around the owner’s “radical” art collection, with the living room adorned by a framed photo print that hangs on an otherwise empty wall. The artwork overlooks two sculptural coffee tables, adding a touch of dynamic energy to the room.

Our latest lookbook offers a treasure trove of visual inspiration, showcasing how artworks can transform living rooms into serene and creative spaces. Each home featured brings a unique approach to incorporating art, further enhanced by the personal touch of the owners and designers. Stay tuned for more inspiration from our lookbooks series.

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