Estudio Estudio reveals “hidden architectural treasures” in Mexico City house

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Architectural firm Estudio Estudio has transformed the Y.27 House in Mexico City’s Hipódromo Condesa neighborhood, preserving its original character while adding modern updates. The residence, originally built in the 1930s, had suffered from neglect over the years. Estudio Estudio aimed to restore the home’s charm and functionality by removing walls, reconfiguring the layout, and making structural improvements. The project also included the addition of a rooftop studio building to replace a storage room.

The main objective of the renovation was to uncover the hidden architectural treasures that had been concealed by past modifications, restoring them to their original state. The design team focused on preserving the authentic character of the house and rejuvenating ornamental elements without unnecessary embellishments.

The three-level home features a mix of communal and private spaces. The ground level seamlessly integrates daily living requirements, with an entry hall, garage, office, kitchen, dining area, service rooms, and a patio. The focal point of the ground floor is an airy living room with a high ceiling and a tall shelving system.

A curved, skylit staircase leads to the first floor, which houses a primary bedroom, two bedrooms, and a family room. The new studio on the rooftop is made of pine and includes an onsen room with a barn-style door. The studio opens onto a terrace with terracotta flooring, which also serves as a rainwater collector.

Throughout the house, Estudio Estudio used earthy materials and neutral colors. Notable finishes include oak parquet flooring, cotton-canvas-faced closets, and oak window frames and kitchen cabinets. The kitchen features a traditional Mexican flooring style called pisos de pasta, which was replicated by a local craftsman.

The Y.27 House exemplifies a harmonious blend of past and present, combining historic elements with contemporary living. The renovation successfully preserves the original character while enhancing the functionality of the home.

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