F5: Tamara Honey’s Passion for Maximalism, Vintage Cars + More

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Renowned interior designer Tamara Honey is making waves in the industry with her eponymous firm, House of Honey. With a passion for creating meaningful experiences through interior design, Tamara and her team of female designers are taking the world by storm. From private residences to restaurants and hotels, House of Honey is known for their bespoke environments that reflect clients and their surroundings.

Describing herself as a maximalist, Tamara has an eye for detail and effortlessly combines vintage and contemporary elements in her designs. With over a decade of experience in collecting vintage furniture, lighting, and art, Tamara brings a unique touch to every project. She believes in celebrating life out loud and seeks to create moments of escape through her cultivated and curated designs. Her interiors exude joy, confidence, and a well-textured life.

In a recent interview, Tamara shared her top five favorite things that inspire her designs:

1. Flowers: Tamara’s love for flowers knows no bounds. She believes that every great story begins with a sensory experience and is currently developing two interior scents inspired by the locations of her design studios. Ortega captures the essence of the tree-lined ridge in Montecito, while Bellefontaine is inspired by the rose-lined streets and lush gardens of Pasadena.

2. Disco Ball: The disco ball holds a special place in Tamara’s heart as a symbol of freedom and fun. She believes that the spaces she designs should inspire connection and a vibrant way of living. At House of Honey, they follow the call of the disco ball to infuse spaces with energy and playfulness.

3. Montecito: Montecito is a place close to Tamara’s heart, as it reminds her of her childhood in Halifax, Canada. With a house and design studio in the area, Montecito offers a unique blend of forest setting and proximity to the beach. It is her very happy place and a constant source of inspiration.

4. Color: Tamara’s instinct for infusing color into interiors sets her apart as a designer. She believes that bold color choices can be transformative and shifts the narrative of a space. House of Honey is dedicated to delighting and surprising their clients with their fearless use of color, encouraging them to embrace a boundless enjoyment of everyday life.

5. Vintage Cars: Tamara’s love for vintage cars originated in her childhood and has extended to her appreciation for vintage furniture and art. She still enjoys attending vintage car shows and riding in a convertible, relishing the sense of freedom and abandon it brings.

House of Honey’s portfolio showcases the team’s exceptional talent and unique vision. From vibrant and eclectic residential spaces to chic and inviting restaurants and hotels, their designs captivate and inspire. With design studios in Montecito and Pasadena, the House of Honey collective continues to redefine interior design and create memorable experiences for their clients.

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