Ferdinando Petrella Deci


Ferdinando Petrella is an expert in web development and digital marketing. As co-founder of Mindesign, he focuses on offering customized solutions for e-commerce and website development. With a solid knowledge of marketing strategies, she also offers 2D graphics creation services for promotion, social media management, SEO optimization to improve visibility on search engines, relationship management with influencers, printing and sending newsletters, creating of photographic and video content for the promotion of products and consultancy for crowdfunding projects. With his exceptional skills and passion for the sector, Ferdinando is able to provide innovative and successful solutions for his clients.

Professional Credentials


  • Custom and e-commerce website development
  • Consulting on Brand Marketing Strategies
  • Creation of 2D graphics for brand promotion
  • Social media management for brand promotion
  • SEO optimization to improve website visibility on search engines
  • Managing relationships between the brand and influencers
  • Newsletter printing and mailing service
  • Creation of photo and video content for product promotion
  • Consulting on crowdfunding projects