Five architecture and design short courses listed on Dezeen Courses.

You are currently viewing Five architecture and design short courses listed on Dezeen Courses.

Dezeen Courses, a platform that offers a wide range of architecture and design short courses, has recently featured a course that focuses on enhancing digital design skills through the creation of computer-generated videos. This course, along with four others, allows individuals to gain practical knowledge in various design aspects.

One of the featured courses is Unit X9 at Softbiome, which aims to improve students’ digital design skills by guiding them in the creation of short films, clips, or sequences. By participating in this course, students have the opportunity to enhance their technical abilities and explore their creativity in the digital realm.

Another highlighted course is the ATN Masterclass at ArchiTech Network, led by Oliver Thomas, design technology manager at prominent architecture studio BIG. This course enables architects to master various design software, including Grasshopper, Revit, Enscape, and Rhino. Participants can learn essential digital design skills that are crucial in the modern architectural field.

For those interested in the intersection of architecture and fashion, the Architecture for Fashion course at YACademy offers an immersive learning experience. This nine-month course teaches students how to design showrooms for luxury Italian fashion brands. By combining architectural principles with fashion design concepts, students can develop a unique skill set in this niche field.

The Summer Studio in Classical Architecture, offered by the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art (ICAA), focuses on teaching students classical design through lectures, seminars, and site visits. By immersing themselves in the rich history of classical architecture, students can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for this timeless style.

Lastly, the How to thrive at creativity (in the age of overwhelm) course at Nottingham Trent University targets the well-being of students while helping them unlock their creative potential. This course aims to guide individuals in developing their creativity while providing strategies to manage the pressures and overwhelm that often come with pursuing a creative career.

Dezeen Courses is a platform that offers information about architecture, interiors, and design courses worldwide. Whether individuals are looking to enhance their digital design skills, explore classical architecture, or improve their overall creativity, Dezeen Courses provides a diverse range of options to suit their needs. For more information and to discover more courses, visit their website.

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