Four interconnected deck floors surround the atrium of a house in Japan.

You are currently viewing Four interconnected deck floors surround the atrium of a house in Japan.

Yosuke Tomiya Architectural Design has created a unique four-deck house that sits on sloping land in Sapporo City, Japan. Working closely with the client, the design team carefully selected the location based on its proximity to the workplace, as well as the client’s preference for a “skip floor” layout.

Taking into account the height difference of approximately two meters on the plot, the design seamlessly incorporates the natural slope into the building’s structure. This cross-sectional planning creates a foundation that harmoniously blends with the surrounding environment. The house features a flat exposed beam roof that wraps around the space, creating an inviting indoor atmosphere.

The four interconnected floors are linked by an atrium, creating a unified space that offers a unique perspective as users traverse through each level. The design allows occupants to fully immerse themselves in the distinct textures and atmospheres of each area.

Strategically placed windows throughout the house offer breathtaking panoramic views of the lush landscape and cityscape below. Balconies and porches, designed to enhance the connection between the interior and exterior, extend from the structure, enticing occupants to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty.

The first floor boasts a spacious hall with an earthen floor that seamlessly connects the interior with the garden. Yosuke Tomiya Architectural Design has also incorporated versatile spaces throughout the building, including loft-like upper levels that can serve as play areas for children, study nooks, drying spaces, or guest rooms. This commitment to spatial versatility underscores the design’s focus on accommodating the diverse lifestyle of a family.

The Four Decks project by Yosuke Tomiya Architectural Design showcases their ability to create a harmonious and visually stunning residence that maximizes the natural features of the site. With its unique layout, seamless integration with the surroundings, and commitment to versatility, this house truly stands out as a remarkable architectural achievement.

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