From NEOM to Red Sea Global: STUFISH’s Portal Installation Guides Visitors through Saudi’s Gigaprojects

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STUFISH Entertainment Architects, a renowned architectural firm, has unveiled its latest installation, Vision 2030 Portals, at Cityscape 2023. This captivating installation offers visitors a unique and immersive experience, providing glimpses into the future of urban development in Saudi Arabia.

The installation features a 40-meter-long, 7-meter-high, and 3-meter-wide mirrored tunnel, divided into seven kaleidoscopic zones. Each zone represents a different ambitious project outlined in Saudi Vision 2030, including NEOM, ROSHN, Qiddiya, Jeddah Central, NCH, Red Sea Global, The Line, Oxagon, and AlUla. Through expertly choreographed looping visuals and transitions, visitors are taken on a visual journey through these futuristic environments, offering a glimpse into the potential future of Saudi Arabia.

The Vision 2030 Portals installation was showcased for four days at the Riyadh Front Expo Center. Visitors are encouraged to return and experience each transition, as the captivating footage slices and cycles every 45 seconds. The transitions, lasting 15 seconds, ensure a seamless loop and immerse visitors in ever-changing landscapes. Wind and wave washes, as well as graphical dissolves, further enhance the immersive experience.

STUFISH Entertainment Architects has used LED floor tiles and tension mirror surfaces to bring the installation to life. These elements envelop and reflect around each visitor, creating a mesmerizing and infinite cycle of motion. As visitors move through the zones and look back, mirrors from above reflect the tunnel’s past giga-projects, symbolizing the importance of learning from history as we strive to create a better future.

Vision 2030 Portals offers a unique and abstract celebration of Saudi Arabia’s urban developments, showcasing the ambitious projects outlined in Saudi Vision 2030. Through its immersive and visually stunning design, this installation provides an exciting glimpse into the future of Saudi Arabia’s urban landscape.

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