From Seesaws to Origami Boats: The Mindcraft Project Tackles Future Challenges in Denmark

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as they explore the Mindcraft Project 2023 exhibition. One of the highlights is Anna Søgaard’s furniture collection that combines traditional craftsmanship with sustainable materials. Her pieces are made from repurposed wood and feature intricate joinery techniques, showcasing the beauty and resilience of natural materials.

Christian & Jade, on the other hand, take a more experimental approach by incorporating digital fabrication methods into their designs. They have created a series of interactive seesaws that respond to the movements of the users, creating a playful and immersive experience.

Henrik Tjærby’s contribution to the exhibition focuses on sound-absorbing panels made from mushrooms. By harnessing the natural properties of mushrooms, he creates an eco-friendly solution for reducing noise pollution in indoor spaces. The panels not only serve a practical purpose but also add a unique aesthetic element to any interior.

Jonas Edvard, known for his innovative use of materials, presents oversized origami boats. These boats are made from a combination of paper and biodegradable materials, showcasing the potential of sustainable design in the maritime industry.

Marianne Eriksen Scott Hansen’s work delves into the realm of textiles, with a focus on exploring new weaving techniques. She experiments with unconventional materials and patterns, resulting in visually striking and tactile textiles.

Mia Lisa Spon & Nadine Burkhardt address the issue of waste in the fashion industry by repurposing discarded fabrics and transforming them into stylish clothing. Their collection showcases the potential of upcycling and sustainable fashion.

Natural Material Studio experiments with bioplastics and natural fibers to create innovative and sustainable products. Their collection includes plant-based bowls and vases that are not only functional but also visually appealing.

Sia Hurtigkarl explores the possibilities of 3D printing with her intricate jewelry designs. By combining traditional crafting techniques with digital fabrication, she pushes the boundaries of what is possible in jewelry design.

Wang & Söderström, known for their digital artwork, present a series of interactive sculptures that blur the lines between the physical and digital realms. Through augmented reality, visitors can engage with the sculptures and explore different dimensions of reality.

Yukari Hotta takes inspiration from traditional Japanese craftsmanship and reinterprets it in a contemporary context. Her collection of ceramics showcases the beauty of simplicity and delicate craftsmanship.

As the Mindcraft Project 2023 combines the digital and physical worlds, it offers a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with the designers and gain a deeper understanding of their creative processes. The exhibition is a celebration of innovation, sustainability, and the profound connection between design and nature.

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