“Gago Rocking Chair by Dam: A Stylish Addition to Any Home”

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Portuguese design brand Dam is celebrating its 10-year anniversary by releasing a unique cork-clad rocking chair. The Gago rocking chair is inspired by the appearance of seaplanes and pays homage to the first successful crossing of the south Atlantic ocean in 1922 by a Portuguese pilot and navigator.

The chair’s design features a rounded shape reminiscent of an aviator’s helmet. Each chair is labeled with the significant milestone of the 1922 journey, which covered 8383 kilometers between Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro.

The exterior shell of the chair is made from natural cork, chosen for its aesthetic appeal, softness, and antibacterial properties. The seat’s interior is upholstered in Burel fabric, a wool material.

Dam emphasizes the chair’s use of 100 percent Portuguese materials that are environmentally friendly and durable. The base of the chair includes two rockers and can be customized with ash, oak, or walnut finishes, all with a clear varnish.

The Burel fabric is available in five color options: Serene Beige, Sleepy Green, Deep Blue, Fond Orange, and Luxury Red.

The Gago rocking chair is designed by Hugo Silva and Joana Santos, and it is a product of Dam. For more information, contact [email protected].

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