Geizeer – eco friendly ice cooling

Geizeer is a patented product and manufactured in Italy

Geizeer is a cube-shaped desk cooler and perfume diffuser, eco friendly and fruit of high Italian handcraft.The customized ice-pack allows air output to 360 degrees and a powerful air diffusion. It is a low-consumption and USB rechargeable device. That is the reason why you can use Geizeer all day long and in any location.

Geizeer is button free and it turns on due to magnetic contacts. When the two halves are not in contact with each other, the fan stops. This security system makes Geizeer safe also for children and animals.

Choose the colour you like

Geizeer is available in different colours to perfectly suit to any decor.

True italian handicraft

Each item is CNC machined from a solid block of wood, before being hand-finished and colored. Each Geizeer is a unique piece with unique wood grains. 

The entire process is carried out respecting the centuries-old Italian handicraft tradition.

Multi-use air freshener card

Geizeer air freshener is made of paper from pulp 3mm thick. Its shape is designed for “zero waste”. Each circle can be taken off from the whole card at various time for a better preservation of the fragrance. As the circles run out, use the air freshener card wherever you like!

Geizeer - Eco Friendly Ice Cooling & Perfume Diffuser

Put one removable circle on the proper room

on the top of the ice pack.

As the circles run out, add a little string and use it in your car. 

As the circles run out, add a little string and use it in your car. 

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Push where indicated to create a hook on the air freshener. Use it wherever you like, also in your wardrobe! 

Technical features

Thanks to its small size, Geizeer is a portable device that can be used in any environment, from home to office.

The fan is developed and produced by Enermax, world leader in PC components production.

The blades and this technology, both patented, significantly reduce noise and electricity consumption. And besides, it increases air-flow efficiency and the life of the product up to 100.000 hours of usage.

Twister Bearing Technology for high performance

The grid is designed to optimize the air intake without overloading the fan and it is available in two versions: linear and parametric
The difference between the two grids is purely design and there is no variation in terms of performance.


Geizeer’s use is very simple. You just have to enter the cooling elements, previously frozen in the freezer, into the bottom of the cube.

And then, just overlap the upper half of the cube on the bottom by aligning the two dots of each half.

In that position, the contacts come together, the electrical circuit is closed, and the fan works. To turn it off, you just have to raise the upper half and rotate it.

That’s right. There are no ignition keys!

The ice pack is also equipped with a concave space where you can insert perfume that will make environment fragrant.
This system allows the refreshment of the entire area around Geizeer, unlike other unidirectional ventilation systems (for example some people sitting around a table).

Check the power status​

The red/blue LED on the USB cable shows the power status of Geizeer.

Red light charging / blue light full battery. Easy!

Furthermore, you can use the cable to charge any other device with mini-USB port and to transfer data between devices.

Since 2016 we give to our customers a green present.
By purchasing Geizeer you will receive a personal code with which plant a tree and follow its growth!