Haneul Kim Transforms NIKE’s ISPA Shoes into Vibrant Boxing Gear

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South Korean designer Haneul Kim has taken Nike’s ISPA (Link Axis) shoes and given them a new lease on life as boxing objects. The ISPA shoes are renowned for their modular design, where shoe components are cleverly interconnected without the need for glue. This allows for easy disassembly, making it possible to recycle each part individually when the shoes have reached the end of their lifespan. Kim’s innovative approach is focused on repurposing the thermal polyurethane (TPU) material used in the ISPA shoes.

The TPU-based collection not only demonstrates sustainability but also draws inspiration from the world of boxing. TPU is well-known for its impact-absorbing properties, just like the protective gloves that boxers wear when exchanging powerful punches. Furthermore, boxing equipment, such as punching bags, are designed to withstand substantial impacts. Kim recognizes this shared aspect of impact absorption between the TPU material used in the ISPA shoes and boxing equipment.

To bring this vision to life, Kim grinds down the TPU material from the ISPA shoes into fine particles and then extrudes it into filament form. The extrusion process utilizes thin layers and spacing, resulting in the TPU filament resembling fibers, similar to Nike’s cutting-edge Flyprint technology. The end result is a unique collection where every piece is crafted from TPU material converted into versatile fibers, seamlessly merging sustainability with innovative design.

By reinterpreting Nike’s ISPA shoes as boxing objects, Haneul Kim showcases the potential of repurposing materials and elevating their value. The combination of sustainability, innovation, and the world of boxing gives this collection a distinctive edge. Kim’s thoughtfully crafted designs not only transform these shoes into functional boxing objects but also create a visual aesthetic that is both modern and captivating. This collection exemplifies how creativity and sustainable practices can be integrated to bring unique products to consumers.

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