Hurricane-Proof House: Punta Cana’s Organic Body Embraces the Caribbean Landscape

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Mareines Arquitetura has recently completed Casa Punta Cana, a stunning contemporary residence located in the Dominican Republic. Designed with a focus on sustainability and embracing its Caribbean setting, the one-story house seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing ample natural light and ventilation to filter through its interiors.

The American family who now resides in Casa Punta Cana actively participated in the design process, requesting a comfortable and spacious home with multiple rooms of the same size. They furnished their living spaces with Brazilian designers’ decor and furniture, except for one chair. The residence comprises two blocks, with the north block featuring six independent suites, each offering breathtaking views and private gardens. The south block houses the dining room, bar, kitchen, game room, gym, and other related services. The central part of the house functions as a common gathering place for family members and guests.

One of the standout features of Casa Punta Cana is its use of digital manufacturing technologies to create a highly wind-resistant structure, suitable for the country’s hurricane-prone region. The entire roof structure, made of glued laminated wood with double curvature, was digitally manufactured in France. The steel pillars supporting the roof were also produced using the same technology. Glass frames and the clipped copper roof were made in Spain, while the plates and blankets for watertightness and thermal insulation came from the United States. The ground was raised and compacted two meters above ground level to prevent flooding during hurricanes.

The design of Casa Punta Cana integrates seamlessly into the Caribbean landscape, with its organic structure weaving through the surroundings. The use of materials such as wood, steel, concrete, and copper creates a dynamic and visually appealing palette. The roof, clad with natural copper, is designed to change in color over time, adding a personalized touch to the house as it interacts with the sea.

The interiors of Casa Punta Cana are filled with natural light, thanks to the house’s strategic positioning and thoughtful design. The lighting evolves throughout the day, creating a dynamic and inviting atmosphere. The landscaping around the house combines Brazilian vertical wall work with Dominican horizontal garden work, resulting in a living tapestry that complements the architecture.

Casa Punta Cana stands as an exquisite example of contemporary design that harmonizes with its natural surroundings while incorporating sustainable features. Its innovative use of digital manufacturing technologies and the careful selection of materials make it an architectural marvel in the Dominican Republic.

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