“Icons come and go,” says commentator.

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Iconic 1960s Stadium and Underground House Spark Debate Among Readers

In this week’s comments update, readers engaged in a lively discussion regarding the demolition of a 1960s stadium in Ahmedabad, India, and expressed differing opinions about an underground house in the Netherlands.

Conservation groups, such as the Twentieth Century Society and World Monuments Fund, recently made statements advocating for the preservation of the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium, designed by Charles Correa, which is set to be demolished to make way for Ahmedabad’s bid to host the 2036 Olympics.

Commenters were divided on whether or not the stadium should be demolished. Some argued that only the best buildings should endure the test of time, while others expressed concern about the environmental impact of tearing down the stadium to build a new one. The debate also revolved around the role of Western organizations in dictating what other countries should do with their own structures and infrastructure.

Switching gears, readers also discussed a 124-metre-long block of social housing clad in steel in Paris. Opinions on the building were split, with some finding it beautiful and others finding it dreary. The metal cladding was a point of contention, with some commenters feeling that it made the building look clinical and unwelcoming.

Finally, readers expressed delight over an underground house in Eindhoven, Netherlands, called The House Under the Ground. The house, designed by WillemsenU, was praised for its masterful control of natural light and its ability to blend into its rural surroundings. Some commenters found it to be a lovely retreat, while others felt that the bedrooms appeared cold.

Dezeen is known for sparking lively debates among its readers, and these discussions continue to highlight the diverse opinions and perspectives within the architecture and design community.

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