IKEA and H&M’s design incubator presents products from 22 emerging London studios

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A collection of London-centric products, made from Metro newspapers and debris found at the bottom of the Thames, is on display at the London Design Festival. The collection is part of the Atelier100 incubator, which showcases the work of 22 emerging London designers in the fields of fashion and interiors. Established by design giants IKEA and H&M in 2022, the incubator aims to support and promote local designers and manufacturers in the British capital. It also provides practical workshops covering various topics related to product development and production. The focus on London allows for a greater diversity of cultural and economic backgrounds among the designers. The collection features hyper-local materials unique to the city, such as spoons carved from tree offcuts by Thomas Wheller and vases formed from hand-blown glass and scrunched-up Metro newspapers by Rosie Stonham. The Mudlark Chair by architecture studio CAN incorporates 3D-printed replicas of rubble from the Thames riverbed, along with wood from a fallen London plane tree. Other pieces in the collection make use of deadstock yarn and textiles sourced from around the capital. The Atelier100 incubator also includes fashion designs that offer personalization options, such as 3D-printed mules by Body Amplification Devices and adjustable pleated garments by Alexandra Larrabure. Notable alumni of the incubator include design studio Mitre & Mondays and Andu Masebo, who recently received the V&A’s emerging designer commission. While IKEA and H&M found the local production model challenging to implement on a large scale, they believe it is important to adapt to changes in global supply and production. The Drop02 collection is on display at Atelier100’s pop-up showroom as part of the London Design Festival from September 16th to 24th, 2023.

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