Inside the LOT and objects of common interest’s art-infused Gallina restaurant in Athens

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Gallina Athens: Where Art, Design, and Gastronomy Meet

Located in the Falirou neighborhood of Athens, Greece, Gallina is a new dining destination that seamlessly combines art, design, and gastronomy. Designed by LOT office for architecture and Objects of Common Interest, the restaurant offers a warm-toned ambiance that beautifully translates into tangible forms, materials, and textures.

The 105 square-meter restaurant showcases a variety of materials, from marble and wood to silk and wool, inviting guests to indulge in a night of softness, intimacy, and sophistication. With a capacity of 38 people, owner and collector Philippos Tsangrides ensures a unique dining experience for all visitors.

The dining hall, situated on the ground level, boasts a high ceiling and provides various seating options. LOT combined a banquette area with custom-made marble tables and chairs, a bar, and an open kitchen. The space is dominated by warm-colored wood, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. However, upon closer inspection, one can find the incorporation of stainless steel and marble, seamlessly blending with the softness of wood.

Notably, the chairs at Gallina, designed by Objects of Common Interest, feature a composition of stainless steel and a gel cushion, offering a surprising texture. This same gel material is also found in the mass ametamorphic rock stools at the bar area.

At the heart of the restaurant is a custom tube light column created by Objects of Common Interest. Extending to the ceiling, this impressive design draws the attention of diners from all angles. Adjacent to the tube light is a hand-knotted wool and silk tapestry by artist Jannis Varelas, adding vibrant colors and intricate details to the space. Complementing this focal point are carefully curated smaller pendant light fixtures and wall sconces, creating an atmospheric and dramatic experience. The floor features a mosaic of Greek marble and ceramic custom tiles by artist Vasilis Papageorgiou.

A stainless-steel staircase in the back of the restaurant creates a unique geometry and leads guests to a secluded mezzanine. Here, a wine-tasting journey awaits, with wooden wine display walls showcasing an extensive collection. The wine experience extends to the basement, where visitors are greeted with a wooden tunnel lit by a 90-degree tube light, reminiscent of the column on the ground floor.

Gallina Athens offers a delightful fusion of art, design, and gastronomy, creating a memorable and immersive dining experience for its special audience.

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