Introducing the MINK-E: The Electric Future of Camping!

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In a world where technology and innovation reign supreme, the world of outdoor adventures is about to be revolutionized. Mink Campers, the Icelandic brand known for their mobile getaways, is raising the bar with their latest creation – the MINK-E. This groundbreaking teardrop camper is not your average camper; it is the world’s first fully electric, towable teardrop camper. Prepare to embark on a new adventure, experiencing the great outdoors in a sustainable, eco-friendly, and comfortable way.

The MINK-E, the newest addition to the Mink Camper family, is set to change the game for outdoor enthusiasts. Weighing in at just 510 kg, it is the lightest and most environmentally friendly model ever produced by Mink Campers. While previous models relied on diesel heating and gas stoves, the MINK-E is entirely electric, powered by an EV charging socket. This means that campers can enjoy all the comforts of home while minimizing their carbon footprint.

Mink Campers has always been renowned for their distinctive design inspired by their Nordic roots, and the MINK-E is no exception. This teardrop camper features an oversized panoramic skylight and large round side windows that provide a seamless connection to nature from the comfort of the luxurious queen-sized Scandinavian mattress inside.

Gone are the days of roughing it in a tent. Mink Campers offer the freedom to explore without sacrificing comfort. These compact yet meticulously designed campers allow access to even the most remote locations in a convenient and enjoyable way.

The MINK-E caters to everyone, from couples to families with young children, or even furry friends. It includes a canvas bunk bed for the little ones, which can be easily adjusted or removed to create extra space for belongings.

Designed to withstand the unpredictable weather conditions of Iceland, MINK-E is built to last. With 30 mm thick walls made from high-quality fused ABS plastics and insulated with 19 mm Armaflex, this camper is capable of enduring sub-zero temperatures with ease.

Thanks to its side-wall-integrated AirFlow™ system, the camper stays well-ventilated, and with the optional powerful Webasto heating system, campers can stay warm and dry throughout their adventures.

Mink Campers not only sets a new standard for camping comfort and innovation but also for sustainability. The MINK-E’s aerodynamic design and frameless Solid Shell Structure™ contribute to its remarkably low weight of just 510 kg. In addition, the materials used in its construction, such as molded ABS plastic and Fenix kitchen tabletops, are selected for their recyclability, making Mink Campers a leader in the push for a more sustainable camping future.

The MINK-E offers an immersive experience – imagine lying inside, gazing up at the sky and the surrounding nature, all from the comfort of your teardrop camper.

The rear of the MINK-E opens up to reveal a spacious kitchen prep area with ample storage, including an illuminated 36L ice chest for refreshing beverages and a storage compartment with a signature cube gas stove. The kitchen space is fitted with both 12v and 220v sockets and campers can choose from a range of Mink extras, including an enamel camping dining set and duvet sets.

The MINK-E has just made its official online debut and will be available for viewing in person at the Motorhome & Caravan Show at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, from October 17th to October 22nd. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this innovative and sustainable camper that is set to redefine outdoor adventures.

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