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iUVì Bottle  .what it is and features

If you are an adventurous person and you love paths and long walks in contact with nature, the iUVì bottle is simply something you will always want with you during these moments.

At first glance, it might seem like a simple bottle to use in your office or in a picnic but, but it is actually much more. Designed by Mindesign SRL, iUVì is the bottle of the future. Let’s see in detail some of its most important features.

Features of the iUVì bottle: how is it?

Not a simple bottle, for sure. We are talking about an object that can turn into a flashlight if you need light, into a power bank if your devices need to charge or into a UVC sterilizer if you want to purify the water from germs and bacteria.

These functions are perfect for dealing with the different challenges that life gives you, whether on the road or during everyday work. Let’s deepen the technical analysis and functions that this innovative bottle offers.

iUVì is equipped with a powerful LED light, visible from many meters away, which will help you to orient yourself during the night or in places where there is no light.

Another important feature of iUVì is that it is able to neutralize 99.99% of germs and bacteria starting from 60 seconds. You may be traveling and filling your bottle with water from a fountain. It will probably not be healthy, but with iUVì it will become so in a matter of minutes.

This function is also very useful for sanitizing the inside of the bottle itself which could be subject to bad odors or contamination.

iUVì is also equipped with two latest generation and waterproof USB C inputs, one of which for internal charging and one for external devices. If you are in the middle of nature and you need to recharge your smartphone, iUVì’s powerbank function will save your life.

Using the iUVì bottle is really very simple and all the technology is concentrated inside the smart cap. To activate these functions, just touch the touch sensor with your finger and you will have to navigate yourself with four indicator lights that will indicate which of the functions is currently active.
iUVì is currently available for pre-order on indiegogo