JW Anderson crafts clay-moulded garments at London Fashion Week

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JW Anderson, the renowned British fashion brand, showcased its Spring Summer 2024 womenswear collection at London Fashion Week with a unique twist. The collection featured hoodies and tailored shorts made from plasticine, a type of clay, creating a playful and unconventional aesthetic.

The show took place at the Roundhouse venue in Camden, where the brand had previously presented its Spring Summer 2023 collection. The theme of the collection was described as “putting playfulness in pragmatism and pragmatism in playfulness.”

The opening look of the show featured a grey hoodie with white drawstrings, paired with rolled-cuff white shorts and brown leather sandals. What made this ensemble truly stand out was that it was entirely made from plasticine, except for the sandals. The plasticine garments had been sculpted and hardened into rigid forms.

The hoodies had slits at the crook of the arm and zips at the cuffs to allow for movement. Models walked down the runway with their hands rigidly placed in the front pocket of the plasticine hoodies.

JW Anderson described the collection as “wearable everyday staples” that had been sculpted and made malleable through manual moulding, replacing traditional draping methods. The hoodies and shorts were presented in various colors reminiscent of plasticine, including grey, flesh, bright orange, white, blue, and grey.

The brand’s show notes further emphasized the playfulness of the collection, stating that the clothes were meant to be used, misused, and toyed with, combining everyday wear with unconventional elements. The show featured a variety of garments, including hoodies, bombers, blazers, trousers, cargo trousers, shorts, minidresses, and dresses, all with proportions that varied and added a sense of playfulness.

Prior to the show, the brand hinted at the use of plasticine through guests’ invitations, which were blocks of colorful plastic-wrapped plasticine delivered in JW Anderson cardboard sleeves. The show also featured tied plastic-bag looks that were a nod to the brand’s previous plastic-bag fish dress, but reinterpreted as inflated sportswear in vibrant plasticine hues.

JW Anderson was founded by Jonathan Anderson, a Northern Irish designer, in 2008. Anderson is also the creative director at Spanish luxury brand Loewe. With its Spring Summer 2024 collection, JW Anderson continues to push boundaries and challenge the conventions of traditional fashion.

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