JW Anderson crafts hardened plasticine clay into wearable hoodies and shorts for SS24 show

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JW Anderson’s latest collection for SS24 takes a unique approach with the use of plasticine clay, creating hardened and wearable hoodies and shorts. In a departure from traditional draping techniques, Anderson explains on Instagram that the garments are manually molded from the clay. The result is a collection of structured and boxy pieces that give the wearer a distinct Roblox character-like appearance. The pieces are dyed in vibrant colors, including orange, gray, blue, and white.

The SS24 collection aims to redefine pragmatism by manipulating and molding various garments, such as hoodies, blazers, trousers, shorts, and jackets. The use of plasticine clay for the hoodies and shorts is in line with this theme. Plasticine clay, a non-drying and non-hardening material, is traditionally used for crafts and artistic projects, including sculptures and stop-motion animation. Its pliability allows for easy customization, making it an ideal choice for temporary and reusable designs.

Jonathan Anderson, the creative director of JW Anderson, found inspiration for the collection’s reductionist approach by observing street fashion and young people’s style choices. By incorporating the molded plasticine clay garments into the collection, Anderson adds a unique twist to the familiar aesthetics of streetwear.

The plasticine clay used in the collection is different from traditional clay as it is made with petroleum-based wax, calcium carbonate, and pigments, while clay consists of minerals, silt, sand, and organic materials. Unlike traditional clay, plasticine clay does not require baking or firing in a kiln to set. This quality makes it a versatile material for temporary and experimental projects.

The SS24 show in London’s Roundhouse showcased the molded and hardened plasticine clay hoodies and shorts in a range of eye-catching colors. By combining innovative materials and playful design elements, JW Anderson continues to push the boundaries of fashion and offer a fresh take on streetwear.

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