Keeps Adds a Coffee Table + Accessories Made From Off-Cuts

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Keeps, the direct-to-consumer furniture brand known for its simple, functional, and sustainable bed frames, has expanded its product offerings with The Coffee Table and Off-Cuts limited run accessories. These new pieces continue Keeps’ mission to combat fast furniture by providing accessible and durable furniture that is also versatile and adaptable.

The Off-Cuts line of accessories is particularly focused on minimizing the brand’s environmental impact. By repurposing surplus materials from bed manufacturing, Keeps creates smaller-scale products like the Apple Box and Wall Hook. These products are made exclusively from leftover materials, making them a limited run collection. The brand plans to introduce new Off-Cuts products in the future.

The Apple Box is the first product introduced in the Off-Cuts collection. This playful and utilitarian box can serve multiple purposes, such as a step stool, end table, plant stand, or extra seating. It also features emotive faces that add personality and help users connect with the product.

The Wall Hooks are the second product in the Off-Cuts collection. Inspired by minimalistic design, these small wood cubes are perfect for entryways, bathrooms, or closets. They come in packs of three and ensure a secure grip to prevent items from sliding or falling off.

The Coffee Table is a unique two-in-one table that offers different leg configurations to significantly alter its appearance. It can even be used as a bench. Available in both Square and Long sizes, the coffee table is designed for various living spaces. The Square option has a more traditional look, while the Long is 2″ taller.

Keeps designs and engineers all its products in-house using FSC-certified solid oak. The brand also collaborates with the Eden Reforestation Project, planting trees for every bed purchased. Furthermore, Keeps is actively pursuing initiatives, including obtaining B-Corp certification.

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