Latex Curtains: Creating Flexible Spatial Zones and a Vibrant Backdrop at RHO’s Berlin Studio

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RHO, an architectural studio based in western Berlin, has recently transformed the top floor of a water tower into a vibrant content production studio. The once simple loft residence has been revitalized into a dynamic and adaptable space for music and content creation.

The design team at RHO has successfully merged vintage classic furniture with minimal architectural enhancements, resulting in an environment that fosters artistic expression. The use of various metal surfaces, such as aluminum foam panels, adds an industrial touch to the space. Additionally, a prominent latex curtain feature has been incorporated, providing flexible spatial zones and injecting light, color, and character into the backdrop for creative developments.

While preserving the original structure, RHO has thoughtfully introduced new spatial elements that cater to video, photo, and audio production. One standout feature is the latex curtain, which serves as a versatile tool for dividing distinct areas within the studio. This curtain not only provides functional benefits but also adds a unique visual element to the productions, bringing depth and character to the overall environment.

The interior concept of the Watertower Studios is further enhanced by an eclectic mix of furnishings that bridge design classics from different eras with contemporary elements. This carefully curated ensemble elevates the studio to a new level of aesthetic appeal, creating a distinct identity for the content production space.

Overall, RHO’s transformation of the loft into a music and content production studio breathes new life into the space, providing a dynamic and versatile environment for creative professionals. With its blend of vintage and modern elements, the studio showcases RHO’s expertise in creating unique and inspiring design concepts.

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