Unique design product


A mix of technology and magic.


High quality materials.

Made in Italy

Worked by Italian craftsmen.

Levia is a desk lamp that uses the magnetic levitation system, a method by which one object is suspended on another, thanks to a magnetic field which can combat the gravitational pull effect.

The Levia desk lamp is the result of the excellent Italian craftsmanship. The base is made of genuine Carrara, Black Marquina or Portoro, which is cut by cnc and hand-finished for a polished and beautiful look.

Simple shapes, amazing design!

Levia’s been cared to the last detail.

The stem’s length allows the LED filament bulb to levitate at a height of about 20 cm from the ground and outside the space of the marble base: the effect is a perfect balance between the shapes and the levitation distance.

The centre of gravity is completely unbalanced, because of the metal stem’s extension outwards with the levitation system and the floating bulb at the end. However, it’s perfectly counterbalanced by the marble base.

The marble base has also an anti-slip and anti-scratch rubberized support, to avoid scratches and protect the support surfaces.

The sensitive button allows you to switch off the LED filaments with a single touch, by keeping the light bulb in levitation at the same time.

The fabric wire makes what has always been considered a disturbing element, an integral part of the design.


high-level design, suitable to any kind of environment and furniture.

The levitation of the light bulb is very effective and extremely stable, thanks to a bi-directional and automatic management of the device. It makes its use simple, preventing any destabilization at the same time.

Levia also has an anti-fall system that forces the light bulb to attach itself to the upper part in the event of a blackout, accidental shocks or interruption of the current flow.

The bulb has no internal batteries and it turns on via electromagnetic induction. The bulb is warm light.

Unlike the cold light, this warm light is often associated with positive feeling and the human mind perceives it as soft and enveloping. Furthermore, it allows less eye strain and it greatly improves the sleep quality.

Levia’s use is very simple!

You just have to bring the bulb near the upper part-from the bottom up- until you feel a magnetic force and the led filaments turn on simultaneously. And now you can let the light bulb float.

The bulb will attach itself to the upper part instead of falling and breaking in the event of interruption of the current flow, thanks to the anti-fall system.