Maison Perrier-Jouët enlists Fernando Laposse for floral installation portraying the process of pollination

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dyed with a cochineal and marigold mixture in his installation

Renowned artist and designer Fernando Laposse is set to captivate audiences at Design Miami 2023 with his awe-inspiring installation showcasing glass-like flowers, leaves, birds, and tree branches. This artistic masterpiece is Laposse’s interpretation of nature’s intricate cycle of pollination and is sure to leave viewers in awe.

One of the unique elements of Laposse’s installation is his use of 3D-printed eco resin and sage starch, which add a touch of modernity to the floral landscape. Additionally, the artist has gone above and beyond by personally gathering lianas from a jungle in central Mexico and incorporating natural silk fibers that have been dyed with a combination of cochineal and marigold.

Commissioned by Maison Perrier-Jouët, Laposse draws inspiration from his deep affection for the environment and his keen observations of the natural world. The interconnected relationship between flora and fauna has always fascinated him, leading him to explore and sculpt his own interpretation of pollination in nature. He delves into the role of flowers within ecosystems and their profound influence on the surrounding species.

Through his installation, Laposse seeks to illuminate the complex and harmonious interactions involved in the pollination process. The lifelike trees integrated into the artwork represent the different stages of the flowers’ life cycle, from their budding phase to their full bloom.

Beyond the immersive floral display, Laposse includes a thematic landscape featuring a bird pecking at a flower’s pistils. This frozen moment captures the essence of nature and serves as a symbol of the shared appreciation for the environment between the artist and Maison Perrier-Jouët. The gentle colors of the glass-like materials and the delicate beige hues of the paper used to create the flowers further evoke nature’s nurturing effect on individuals.

However, amidst the ephemeral beauty of Laposse’s installation, he does not shy away from highlighting the ecological challenges faced by nature due to human actions. This underlying theme can be witnessed throughout the artist’s overall practice. For the past decade, Laposse has collaborated with native farmers in South Eastern Mexico to develop sustainable materials and production systems that benefit both the local community and the environment.

The environmentally conscious ethos that permeates Laposse’s work is also imbued in his Maison Perrier-Jouët commission. The installation can currently be viewed at the company’s Tokyo pop-up space until October 29th, 2023. Subsequently, it will be showcased at Design Miami 2023, taking place from December 6th to 10th, 2023.

Fernando Laposse’s integration of 3D-printed eco resin, sage starch, lianas, and natural silk fibers demonstrates his commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression while maintaining a deep appreciation for nature. The combination of these elements creates a breathtaking visual experience that highlights the delicate beauty and intricate processes of pollination in nature.

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