maison&objet’s ENJOY theme is on the hunt for pleasures with audacity, humor & color

You are currently viewing maison&objet’s ENJOY theme is on the hunt for pleasures with audacity, humor & color

Maison&Objet 2023 is embracing a theme of rediscovering happiness with its latest exhibition. Under the title ‘ENJOY: in a quest for pleasures,’ the international platform curated by Peclers Paris presents three stages of pleasure through imaginative accessories, furniture, and materials. The program’s three rooms embody the lifestyles of different consumer families, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the experience.

Peclers Paris, a leading strategy agency, collaborated with Maison&Objet for the first time to define the overall theme of the season. Charlotte Cazals, Design & Trend Forecaster at Peclers Paris, expressed their appreciation for having control over the curation of the space, including the visual communication and typography.

The ‘ENJOY: in a quest for pleasures’ theme is brought to life at the Inspire Me! forum, a preview of the Paris Design Week and Maison&Objet event. Through the partnership with Peclers Paris, the exhibition aims to transform design and interiors into sources of pleasure, boosting endorphins and encouraging an exploration of festivity and fantasy. Peclers Paris specializes in creative strategy and prospective trends across various industries and collaborated with M&O to develop desirable products, services, and experiences.

The exhibition consists of three rooms, each representing a different stage of pleasure. The first room, ‘Festive Decadence,’ showcases expressive and sensual designs, with brands and creators embracing bold and glamorous aesthetics. The second room, ‘Collective Optimist,’ presents staging with quirky humor and fantastical universes, allowing artists and designers to daydream and escape reality. The third room, ‘Sensitive Hedonist,’ explores well-being and new perceptions through digital experiences and sensory immersion.

Charlotte Cazals describes the thought process behind the theme, explaining that it aims to find a renewed quest for happiness and enjoyment in today’s anxiety-infused and stressful period. Each room is designed to resemble a living space, inviting visitors to step into someone’s apartment and experience the different lifestyles. The exhibition features a mix of established and emerging designers, with about 70% of them being new to the forum.

Overall, Maison&Objet’s ‘ENJOY: in a quest for pleasures’ exhibition aims to inspire visitors and convey the message that everyone has a role to play in making tomorrow more enjoyable, colorful, and lighter.

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