Marc Thorpe pioneers a return to basics with 100% off-grid Fremont house

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Located deep in the Western Catskill Mountains near Roscoe, New York, the Fremont House, designed by Marc Thorpe, stands as a symbol of sustainable architecture. This off-grid home is completely powered by solar energy and is nestled amongst the towering forest, emerging as a monolithic structure clad in blackened timber. Despite its compact footprint of 1,000 square feet, the Fremont House includes two bedrooms, one bathroom, living spaces, and an outdoor terrace. Thoughtful design separates shared and private areas, with communal spaces on the ground level and bedrooms positioned above.

The guiding principle behind the Fremont House is to create an affordable contemporary home infused with sustainable technology. Marc Thorpe Design firmly believes in individual responsibility for energy consumption and the importance of embracing self-sufficiency. With an uncertain future for resources, the focus of this project is on quality over quantity. The architects aspire to construct a future that seamlessly integrates with nature, ensuring its sustainability for current and future generations.

The Fremont House serves as an introspective sanctuary, where human existence coexists harmoniously with the natural world. This goes beyond just physicality, as the architecture becomes a timeless and holistic part of its occupants’ lives. The house stands as a self-sustaining and independent structure that is intrinsically connected to its environment, thanks to its ecologically sustainable technology and infrastructure.

Solar Generation, an important partner in this project, provides Marc Thorpe Design with cutting-edge solar technology for the Fremont House. Located in the picturesque Hudson Valley of New York, Solar Generation shares the values of community and environmental stewardship. The founders, Todd and Jason, are committed to capturing the region’s independent and creative spirit by delivering customized and first-class solar installations.

Paul, the President of Solar Generation, has a deep-rooted history in the Mid-Hudson Valley and has dedicated his professional life to renewable and clean technology industries. He and his team are passionate about carrying forward the legacy of sustainability and community wellbeing. Solar Generation’s mission is to make the transition to solar energy seamless and affordable. Additionally, they actively participate in local and global goodwill projects and are deeply involved in solar farm project developments within the Hudson Valley.

The Fremont House represents a commitment to personal responsibility for sustainable living and serves as a testament to the power of innovative design and technology. As more individuals and communities prioritize sustainable practices, projects like the Fremont House pave the way for a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

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