Max Lamb transforms cardboard boxes into furniture that is “endlessly repairable”

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Max Lamb, a British designer, is displaying his Box exhibition at London’s Gallery Fumi. The exhibition showcases 33 furniture pieces made entirely from cardboard waste collected from Lamb’s own studio. The collection includes 23 chairs, a sofa, and a dining table, all constructed using only cardboard and a glue made from flour and water. The furniture is adorned with occasional stripes of paint made from mineral pigments and linseed oil, ensuring it is free of plastic.

Lamb’s collection represents a commitment to sustainability, as the furniture is entirely recyclable and easily repairable using readily available tools. No new cardboard was bought for the project; instead, Lamb utilized waste cardboard accumulated over the past few years, including packaging materials and toilet rolls.

The aim of the exhibition is to explore the structural capabilities of cardboard without relying on plastic reinforcements. Lamb stacked and glued intact cardboard boxes into different configurations to create chairs and tables. To ensure structural integrity, the boxes were internally reinforced with cardboard lattices, forming a skeleton for the furniture. Any excess cardboard was turned into papier-mâché and applied as an exoskeleton.

Lamb’s work with cardboard marks a departure from his previous projects involving polystyrene. By utilizing cardboard, he hopes to provide an alternative to synthetic materials and encourage customers to consider plant-based, plastic-free options. The exhibition not only showcases Lamb’s innovative designs but also serves as a platform for discussions on sustainable materials and design choices.

Lamb’s experimentation with cardboard has transformed him into a self-proclaimed “cardboard hoarder.” He values every bit of cardboard and plans to incorporate it into future projects. The Box exhibition is a testament to Lamb’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally-conscious design.

The exhibition at Gallery Fumi runs from October 5th to November 18th, 2023. To discover more architecture and design events, exhibitions, and talks, visit the Dezeen Events Guide.

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