Mesura furnishes Casa Vasto apartment and gallery with a “constellation of objects”

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Mesura, a local design studio in Barcelona, has recently completed the design of Casa Vasto, a live-work home for a gallery owner. Located in the city’s El Poblenou neighborhood, known for its industrial buildings from the 18th century, the apartment is situated in a former factory. It consists of two spaces – a public living and kitchen area that doubles as a gallery exhibition space, and a private bedroom and bathroom exclusively for the owner’s use.

The apartment design features a service core made of birch wood that divides the space, without being attached to the walls or ceiling. This core, which channels services to the kitchen and bathroom, contains a toilet, shower, and storage. The unusual vaulted design of the ceiling is typical of factories built in Barcelona during the 19th century.

The living and gallery space is located on one side of the service core. It offers ample space for exhibitions and is furnished with monolithic pieces that create functional zones. These furnishings include a long dining table with cylindrical legs and a blocky stainless-steel kitchen island. The lounge area is defined by a low, sprawling sofa, centered around a coffee table made from waste material created during the apartment’s construction.

The interior design of Casa Vasto features a curated collection of artworks and furniture, carefully selected in collaboration between the owners and Mesura. The studio describes the design as a constellation of unique objects detached from the apartment’s boundaries. These elements contrast with the white-washed walls and light-wood furnishings, creating accents of color and form that provide a cohesive and contemporary identity to the space.

Bespoke pieces specifically designed for Casa Vasto are complemented by iconic design classics, such as Mies van der Rohe’s MR10 Chair and Mario Botta’s Seconda Chair. According to Mesura, some of the interior pieces were custom-made for the apartment, while others were chosen in consultation with the clients, who had their own preferences and interests.

In the bedroom, frames are hung on the walls, and rectangular windows extend from the floor to allow natural light to fill the space. The bathroom features two sinks and a bathtub enclosed in blocky concrete volumes.

Overall, Casa Vasto showcases a comfortable and unique atmosphere, achieved through the combination of bespoke furniture and carefully selected interior pieces. This adaptive reuse project is yet another example of transforming industrial spaces into stylish and functional homes.

Photography for Casa Vasto was done by Salva López.

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