Mobella’s Buffo Seating Collection

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Thailand-based design brand Mobella has unveiled its latest seating collection, called Buffo, which takes inspiration from the physical traits of a buffalo. The collection includes a sofa and an armchair, both featuring a distinctive arching backrest that extends into sweeping armrests. The design aims to mimic the shape of a buffalo’s horns, with linear stitching adding texture to resemble the horns’ surface.

In addition to its unique design, the Buffo collection boasts firm upholstery to recreate the tactile experience of riding on the back of a buffalo. The sofa can comfortably seat up to three people, while the armchair features a swiveling base for easy movement.

Mobella offers a range of upholstery materials for buyers to choose from, available in vibrant and neutral shades. This allows customers to customize their seating to suit their personal style and preferences.

The Buffo seating collection is the brainchild of designer Kritsada Noolek, known for his innovative and nature-inspired creations. With its distinctive buffalo-inspired design and attention to detail, the collection is set to make a statement in any interior space.

For more information about the Buffo collection, interested parties can reach out to Mobella directly at [email protected]

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