“Moda Living aims to foster the happiest, healthiest, and most sustainable communities in the UK”

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Moda Living, a leading developer in the build-to-rent sector, is enhancing residents’ wellbeing by tailoring its neighbourhoods with multi-sensory experiences. The company has partnered with renowned designers and architects to create what it calls the “city centre accommodation of the future”. Each of Moda Living’s neighbourhoods has a unique concept inspired by the community’s history and surroundings. For example, at Moda, Angel Gardens in Manchester, interior designer Naomi Cleaver incorporated elements of the site’s eighteenth-century cotton mill history in the reception area. Similarly, at Moda, The Lexington in Liverpool, the interiors pay homage to the city’s maritime heritage and its connections with New York City.

Moda Living believes that good design can positively impact residents’ experiences within buildings. The company’s design director, Peter Sproule, says that the customer experience is a priority. The company ensures that all senses are considered, beginning at the early stages of design. Additionally, every Moda Living neighbourhood has a signature scent to make residents feel at home. Specially curated playlists and amenities such as shared lounges, co-working spaces, gyms, cinemas, games rooms, green spaces, and roof terraces with city views are also provided.

Moda Living’s goal is to create the happiest, healthiest, and most sustainable communities in the UK. The company takes a considered approach to design, placing residents’ health and wellbeing at the forefront. Data from residents is closely followed to optimize facility usage, while amenity spaces are future-proofed to accommodate evolving needs. Moda Living plans to add podcast studios, VR rooms, meditation rooms, and yoga spaces to each of its neighbourhoods in the future.

To guide its decision-making and thought processes, Moda Living uses an ESG strategy called ‘Next Generation Futures’. This strategy focuses on three core pillars: spaces (reducing environmental impact), communities (improving residents’ health and wellbeing), and business (increasing diversity and inclusion). Furthermore, Moda Living has partnered with Fitwel, a healthy building certification system, to prioritize the physical and mental wellbeing of residents. Fitwel certification requires measurable factors to be implemented at every stage of the build.

By combining top-tier amenities with a focus on health and wellbeing, Moda Living has achieved Fitwel certification for four neighbourhoods, including Moda, New York Square in Leeds, Moda, The McEwan in Edinburgh, Moda, Holland Park in Glasgow, and Moda, The Mercian in Birmingham. Moda, The McEwan was the first of its neighbourhoods to receive Fitwel certification. Moda, The Mercian has taken community and fitness to new heights with a 200-meter rooftop running track, a first for Birmingham.

Moda Living’s commitment to residents’ wellbeing is evident in its partnerships and certifications. To learn more about Moda Living’s neighbourhoods, visit their website.

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