Moreau Kusunoki completes ‘Le Berlier,’ a charred-timber tower in Paris

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Le Berlier timber tower, designed by local architecture studio Moreau Kusunoki, has become a new landmark in Paris’ thirteenth arrondissement. This innovative tower stands at fifty meters tall and seamlessly blends architectural innovation with a deep understanding of its surroundings.

One of the key features of Le Berlier is its “inhabited wall” facade, which is comprised of a grid that not only adds a rhythmic texture to the building’s design, but also acts as a functional filter. This grid serves to preserve a sense of tranquility within the tower, shielding residents from the bustling urban environment outside while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The design of Le Berlier’s frame and proportions exemplifies structural necessity and aesthetic intent. The architects intentionally chose to elongate the proportions of the tower, resulting in its impressive verticality. This deliberate decision allows the tower to confidently stand tall amongst the surrounding monumental buildings, becoming an integral part of the Parisian landscape.

In contrast to the tower’s imposing height, the base of Le Berlier is transparent and open to the city. This public space serves as a welcoming gesture to the vibrant urban environment that surrounds it, forging a strong connection between the tower and its surroundings. This juxtaposition of introverted privacy and extroverted openness adds depth and complexity to the tower’s architectural identity.

The choice of materials used in Le Berlier is another testament to Moreau Kusunoki’s attention to detail. Charred and pre-weathered wood is a prominent feature, adding texture and a timeless aesthetic to the tower. The layout of the residential units also reflects this commitment to materiality, with each unit opening onto a private exterior space. This thoughtful design fosters a harmonious relationship between nature and the city, as well as between the growing neighborhood and its inhabitants.

Overall, Le Berlier timber tower represents a redefinition of architecture in Paris. With its innovative design, careful attention to detail, and integration with its urban environment, this residential project sets a new standard for sustainable and harmonious urban living in the heart of the French capital.

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