MSG Sphere in Las Vegas opens showcasing bespoke artworks by Es Devlin and John Gerrard

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The MSG Sphere Las Vegas made its grand debut over the weekend with a sensational concert by U2, featuring stunning visuals by renowned designer Es Devlin and artist John Gerrard projected onto a massive 15,000-square-meter wrap-around screen. With architecture by Populous, the entertainment venue claims the title of the largest spherical structure in the world, boasting LED screens covering its entire exterior and most of its interior.

Inside the Sphere, a towering screen over 76 meters tall envelops the audience, offering a truly immersive experience. U2, during their inaugural performance as part of a residency at the Sphere, collaborated with Devlin to curate an extraordinary visual display that paid homage to the venue’s unique location in Las Vegas, Nevada.

One of the most captivating moments of the concert, which has already generated over 13 million views on TikTok, showcased a computer-generated image of the sun rising above the Nevada desert, with a white flag elegantly billowing from its center as part of an artwork by Irish artist Gerrard. Additionally, artist Marco Brambilla contributed a captivating video collage featuring a mix of real and AI-generated versions of the legendary Elvis Presley, who famously had a seven-year Las Vegas residency leading up to his untimely death.

To close the show, Devlin unveiled an awe-inspiring artwork named “Nevada Ark,” filling the massive 15,000-square-meter screen with illustrations of Nevada’s 250 most endangered species. Devlin aimed to educate and raise awareness about these at-risk creatures, empowering the audience to leave the Sphere with a better understanding of the natural world.

U2 performed on a mesmerizing stage resembling a giant light-up turntable, designed by Brian Eno and executed by British architecture studio Stufish, which previously collaborated with Devlin on U2’s Experience + Innocence tour. The music was broadcasted through almost 160,000 speakers, cleverly concealed behind the LED screen with its impressive 268,435,456 pixels, equivalent to 72 HD televisions.

Videos capturing the inaugural performance quickly went viral on various social media platforms, garnering over 100 million views on TikTok in just a few days. Reviewers praised the Sphere as a mind-blowing venue that occasionally outshone the band itself with its extravagant spectacle.

While the MSG Sphere Las Vegas celebrates its successful launch, efforts to construct a similar venue in London face challenges. UK housing secretary Michael Gove has put the London project on hold following 852 objections submitted against its construction last year.

Es Devlin is responsible for the video, and the photos are courtesy of Stufish unless otherwise mentioned.

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