Multi-level Green Platforms Shape Tanatap Ring Garden Café by RAD+ar in Jakarta

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The Tanatap Ring Garden Café, designed by studio RAD+ar, has opened in Jakarta, introducing a unique prototype of multi-leveled greenspaces that create an engaging rooftop landscape. The innovative design features dynamic platforms that rise and fall, connecting a series of floating amphitheaters surrounded by lush green areas, and fostering outdoor activities and communal gatherings.

The aim of the project is to redefine civic spaces, particularly in cities like Jakarta where government-run public spaces are often unreliable. To achieve this, the architects have challenged traditional notions of indoor spaces by concealing them within a multi-leveled garden. The design also includes connecting existing trees with bridges for visitor circulation, creating an underground intimate entrance, and offering a unique experience in scale, color, and natural light.

The café’s furniture remains undefined, blending with the hardscape and features of the landscape, allowing visitors to shape their own sense of comfort. Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a pathway bridge that connects existing trees, blurring the line between the indoor and outdoor spaces. Skylights and garden activity zones above encourage visitors to explore further.

Once inside, visitors are immersed in a spacious, multi-leveled garden, surrounded by the tropical environment. The upper level serves as a transition between the urban and natural landscapes and is punctuated by glass blocks that provide privacy while welcoming ample natural light. This design not only provides a unique and engaging experience for visitors but also tackles the challenges of creating sustainable outdoor tropical commercial spaces in Indonesia.

The Tanatap Ring Garden Café is a testament to the innovative and forward-thinking designs that are emerging in Jakarta. It is a space that encourages community engagement and brings people closer to nature in an urban environment. With its unique design and focus on sustainability, this café serves as a model for future projects aiming to redefine civic spaces and create more reliable public spaces in cities around the world.

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