Nebula Lounge Wood Chair by E-ggs for Miniforms

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Italian design studio E-ggs has collaborated with furniture brand Miniforms to create the versatile Nebula lounge chair. Designed with three different base options, the chair can be customized to suit various settings.

The wooden base of the Nebula lounge chair is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere in homes, while the aluminium base is well-suited for office spaces. The tubular metal legs of the third base option allow the chair to effortlessly blend into any environment.

Both the wooden and aluminium bases feature a tilt-and-return mechanism, providing optimal support and comfort for different sitting positions. Additionally, the wooden base brings a warm and domestic character to the chair.

The four-star base, composed of rounded planks, adds a distinctive touch to the design and complements the teardrop-shaped armrests of the Nebula series.

“The lounge version of Nebula celebrates technology but keeps it low-key, eliminating any suggestion of stuffiness,” commented Miniforms.

The Nebula lounge chair’s wooden seat is made of pure polyurethane, with a soft version for the foam and a rigid version for the shell. It is also fully recyclable at the end of its life.

The Nebula lounge wood is designed by E-ggs and produced by Miniforms. For more information, contact [email protected]

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