Neri&Hu’s Design of a Textured Fashion Boutique in Shanghai Featuring Fabric Screens

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Neri&Hu, a Chinese design studio, has unveiled its latest project: an interior for the fashion brand Ms MIN in Shanghai, China. The store, located in the Taikoo Li shopping complex, covers an area of 195 square metres and was designed to showcase the brand’s use of diverse materials.

Inspired by traditional home-based ateliers, the design focuses on craftsmanship and materials. Neri&Hu drew upon the historical practice of handcrafted textiles in China, where families would card, spin, and weave fabric in their own homes. The studio wanted to create a space that evoked this sense of traditional craftsmanship and domesticity.

To achieve this, the store is divided into different zones using floor-to-ceiling wooden structures. On either side of the shop, lightweight fabric sheets were hung between the wooden grid partitions. These semi-transparent partitions allow natural daylight to flood into the space while filtering out the chaos of the shopping mall, creating a calm and serene atmosphere.

The wooden structures on the right side of the shop create a series of private rooms, including a reception area, VIP lounge, fitting room, and studio. These spaces offer a more intimate and exclusive experience for customers.

In the central display area, panels made of micro-cement or marble and framed in brass form an internal courtyard that can be used as an exhibition space. These panels can be rearranged and interchanged to adapt to changing fashion trends each season.

The entire shop is paved with curved roof tiles, a traditional pavement commonly found in the region. This flooring choice further emphasizes the studio’s commitment to showcasing traditional craftsmanship and materials.

In addition to the interior design, Neri&Hu created custom mannequin figures for Ms MIN. The mannequins, made from linen, have a subtle texture that mimics human skin.

Neri&Hu, founded by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu in 2004, is known for its innovative and thoughtful designs. The studio has recently completed other interior projects in Shanghai, including a cafe for Blue Bottle and a flexible office space.

The stunning photographs of the store were taken by Zhu Runzi.

Project credits:

Partners-in-charge: Lyndon Neri, Rossana Hu

Associate-in-charge: Sanif Xu

Design team: Muyang Tang, Zhikang Wang, Amber Shi, Yoki Yu, Nicolas Fardet

Lighting: Viabizzuno (Shanghai)

Contractor: Shanghai Yali Design Decoration Co.

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