Open Architecture unveils “extraterrestrial-looking” space museum in China

You are currently viewing Open Architecture unveils “extraterrestrial-looking” space museum in China

Chinese architectural studio, Open Architecture, has unveiled its design for a space museum and experience centre in Yantai, China. The building, named Space Crystals, will feature a glossy black exterior and a faceted stone-like shape that rises towards the ocean. The design aims to create an “extraterrestrial-looking object landed mysteriously in the clearing of a seaside park.” The facade will be covered in back-painted glass and photovoltaic glass, which will generate enough solar power to light the building. Inside, visitors will enter a 20-metre-high atrium with faceted walls that mirror the exterior. An exhibition space will feature hanging objects and digital projections “dedicated to deciphering the mysteries of the universe.” Open Architecture hopes that the unique design of Space Crystals will attract the public and encourage them to explore and learn about space and the universe. The project is set to be completed in 2026 as part of Open Architecture’s larger master plan for the seaside park, which includes another building, Sea Square, a square-shaped library and community building.

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