“Oscar Oiwa Embarks on a Floating Installation to Address Marine Pollution for Keelung CAIO 2023”

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Japanese designer Oscar Oiwa has unveiled his latest installation, Modern Ocean Wildlife, at the Keelung Ciao art festival in Taiwan. The artwork, which floats along the Zhengbin Fishing Port, aims to raise awareness about the environmental degradation happening in our oceans due to human pollution.

Oiwa’s installation features illustrations of marine life intertwined with garbage that has been dumped into the ocean. The centerpiece of the installation is a “catch of the day” sculpture, made from inflatable balloons, tricot mesh, and recycled fishing nets, which sits on top of a fishing boat on stilts. This sculpture serves as a didactic representation, reminding visitors of the impact that human activities have on marine life.

The Keelung Ciao festival, themed “Between Ocean and Light,” emphasizes the need for humanity to take responsibility for protecting the diverse marine life that exists in our oceans. Through various installations and artworks, the festival encourages contemplation of the intricate relationship between people and ocean systems.

Oiwa, a second-generation immigrant of Japanese descent based in Brazil, is known for his narrative-driven perspective of the world. Drawing inspiration from comic art, his works often explore social issues and incorporate humor and imagination. For Modern Ocean Wildlife, Oiwa has carefully crafted intricate drawings and compositions on expansive canvases to bring attention to the impact of pollution on marine life.

With its thought-provoking message and visually captivating design, Modern Ocean Wildlife serves as a powerful reminder of the urgent need to address the environmental challenges facing our oceans. As visitors immerse themselves in this installation, they are encouraged to consider their own role in preserving the delicate balance between humanity and the natural world.

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